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Multimeter Tester Unit

The test unit multimeter is perfect for those who want to explore the dangerous power of acid and power of electricity. The real-time monitoring of electrical circuits with only 1 test point makes it perfect for time-sensitive tasks, liketesters and lab observers. The multimeter also has an excellent performance when it comes to acids and chemicals, making it perfect forjoyful scientific tests.

Buy Multimeter Tester Unit

The ut107 is a test unit that includes a tdm uni-t ut107 lcd dmm acvdcv tester and a acvdcv tachometer. The ut107 is perfect for automotive and military use, as it has a very simple design and can be used to measure 2011 rpm. The ut107 is also easy to read with its digital display and easy to use.
this is a test unit multimeter that responds to flukes. The multimeter uses ac volts and is ac sensitive. It has a non-contact voltage of 10-1000v. The pen has a 110vac and is supposed to be used with 10 volts.
the test unit multimeter is a potential tester that lies between a fluke and a pen. It has aac voltalert voltage tester that can alert you of any new value of voltage. Plus, it is non-contact, so you can easily get to the value you are looking for.